When your organisation moves to Microsoft 365, you are doing much more than simply deploying new technology. Instead, your business is going on a journey – moving from one established way of working to another.

Microsoft 365 is a highly intuitive platform. Nevertheless, simply giving your employees access and letting them get on with it will seriously risk the success of your migration.

Despite the power of new technology, many businesses have been disappointed by digital transformation efforts – in fact three quarters of firms says they haven’t experienced any serious benefit from ‘digitally transforming’. However, at FITTS, we don’t believe this is because of any inherent problem in new technology. Rather, it is about the way that change is managed.

In our new eBook, we provide 8 insider tips for how you can manage change when moving your organisation to Microsoft 365.

eBook: A Practical Guide to Change Management in Microsoft 365

If you have begun migrating to Microsoft 365 or are planning to do so, it is vital that you have a change management plan in place. Planning for change is important because:

  • People resist change when it is poorly communicated, they don’t understand why it’s happening, or they feel it is imposed on them
  • Even with intuitive and user-friendly tools like Microsoft Teams, people do not immediately make use of technology or do not utilise it to its full potential
  • Without a well-established change management plan, adoption rates are often lower than they should be

The good news, however, is that a change management plan can help you overcome these challenges. In our new change management eBook, which draws on years of experience migrating companies to Microsoft 365, you will learn:

  • That people are not resistant to change

In fact, most people are positive about change – when it is communicated in an effective way

  • The psychology of change

You will understand the mental processes that people undergo when adapting to new technology, the barriers they erect and techniques you can use to navigate these obstacles

  • 8 practical steps for business technology change management

We describe eight easy to follow steps that you can take to build your change management plan and ensure that Microsoft 365 is successfully deployed and widely used at your organisation

  • Case study

Get inspired. Read how one major UK renewable energies firm developed its own successful change management strategy for Microsoft 365 security.

A Practical Guide to Implementing Microsoft 365 Change Management

There is no doubt that moving your organisation to Microsoft 365 can be hugely beneficial – people communicate better, collaboration becomes easier and people can work with modern, mobile tools and techniques.

However, success with these new tools is not guaranteed. When you make such a big alteration to people’s working styles, they need guidance and support from IT and their peers.

And this is where FITTS’ new eBook helps. By learning how to manage change, you make adoption of new technology – and your entire business transformation – much more likely to succeed.