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We’re experts at distilling the most complex missions to their simplest form and ensuring our customers get exactly what they need. 

From full-service digital transformation to customised, pinpoint projects, we have the expertise and experience for people-led digital transformation. 

Our service cover:

  • IP Solutions
  • Change Management
  • Modern Workspace
  • Security and Privacy 
  • Cloud Services

Our Vision 


FITTS was born from the idea of a new kind of service.

A true partnership of digital strategy and transformation that enables businesses to achieve a secure, digital enabled workforce. One where technology empowers and inspires people, giving them new capabilities to thrive and grow in their work – whether they’re frontline workers, IT staff, back office or executives.

Our Mission

We partner with businesses and enable them to reach their full potential through an inclusive, people first approach. We want to support all types of organizations, with people of all abilities, to help them adapt to the ever-changing world of work. Making sure they have technological and accessible environments to fit everyone’s needs, no matter what language they speak, where they are in the world, or what challenges they may encounter.

Our Values

People-first is our mantra
Our people are front and centre of everything we do and achieve at FITTS. Combining exceptional customer focus, experience and commitment, it is our people and attention to detail that sets us apart.

Diversity and Inclusion
We are a fully inclusive business. Whether you are disabled physically, mentally or situationally, we include accessibility features as standard in all our engagements.

Unbeatable Company Culture
We have a very relaxed flexible working culture, we are happy for you to work from home, the office (London or Nairobi), or even on a beach, as long as you are delivering.

Join the FITTS family
We strive to make FITTS a fun, happy and friendly place to work. We reward our people with regular events throughout the year from BBQ’s to quiz nights.
Some of our employee benefits include:

  • Comprehensive health insurance
  • Worldwide travel insurance
  • Generous annual leave allowance
  • Primary and secondary caregiver allowance
  • Training allowance

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