Microsoft Training Videos

For those not looking for face-to-face training. FITTS Microsoft Training Videos package offer an easy solution for simple training.

Microsoft Training Videos Package

It’s important as a business for your employees to understand their tools and what they can do for them. Finding the time to implement training can be difficult, especially when working from home. FITTS Microsoft Training Videos package is aimed at businesses that don’t necessarily want facetoface training. This package includes 3 bespoke videos or guides for you to keep in your archive for future use. 

Whether you plan to use your video to communicate an impending change or a guide to train your users on how to use their technology, FITTS guides are tailored to your people, using relatable real-life scenarios by our certified business change experts.

This training package offers three custom videos to store in your archive for future use.

For businesses not looking for face-to-face training.

Can be used for training purposes or to communicate upcoming changes in the company.

Opt-out of videos for 3 bespoke guides for the same price.

No minimum users

Priced at £599

Can this Training package be customized?

Yes, We tailor all our training packages to match your needs as a business. 

Can the Training package only be accessed remotely?

At FITTS, we believe in inclusivity and a people-first approach to Training. Due to the current COVID-19 rules, our training packages are remotely delivered. We are working towards safely delivering in-person presentations shortly. However, our focus is that everyone is on-board and prepared for the change ahead. The training videos will have the option to turn on CC if needed. 

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Microsoft Teams Training 2

Request three custom Training videos or guides today. For only £599!

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