Your complete guide to Azure Virtual Desktop

A wide open window to the workplace

Are you developing your long-term hybrid working strategy?

It’s here to stay, and your users want to work without restrictions. They expect to access files and apps at any time, work from anywhere in the world, and have a consistent experience across every device.

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Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) gives you the most simplified and flexible approach to remote working yet. Giving you the familiar Windows environment with the rigidity of standardised working.

Find out how AVD helps you:

  • Create a more effective and consistent workforce
  • maintain continuous security on every device, in any location
  • keep users working to the same standards and practices
  • stop throwing money into new hardware

Download Your Complete Guide to Azure Virtual Desktop to learn everything you need to know before investing in the technology.

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Azure Virtual Desktop Overview

Get started with Azure Virtual Desktop

From a few remote users to the entire business, AVD can be an integral part of your business to continue access that LOB application from any location, whilst maintaining the highest possible security and access. All within the familiar Windows
10 environment.

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