January update

Happy New Year! 

We are back for another exciting year of advancements and innovations from Microsoft. It is crucial for tech enthusiasts and businesses to keep up with the latest advancements. In this monthly insight issue, we will break down the latest updates for January 2024 in easily, digestible nuggets.  

Business Change

2024 is looking to be another year of innovation. It’s crucial for employees to stay informed and well-versed in these advancements, as they can greatly benefit from the training opportunities they provide. 

Microsoft Viva: Topics bot brings you topic information to your Teams chat 

Rolling out

Microsoft are rolling out an exciting new way to interact with Topics. A new Teams bot for Viva Topics brings important topic related information, activities and more to users on their Teams chat. Keeping your team updated on the latest industry insights.  



SharePoint: Video Pages  

Rolling out

Create video centric page content, like highlighting meeting content or executive messages with the new video pages templates – presenting them inline, playable, and beautiful. These templates are available in both SharePoint and Stream, making it easy to showcase video with a customized and branded pages experience from either application. 



SharePoint: Microsoft Lists- A new forms experience to collect information  

Rolling out

Microsoft are making it easier to collect information with an updated forms experience for Microsoft Lists. Forms look clean, are easy to design, can be easily shared, and respondents are able to fill them out on any device. All form responses appear immediately in your list after recipient clicks the submit button. 




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Cybersecurity continues to be at the forefront of decision maker’s minds. In this section, we will delve into the latest updates coming to Microsoft Defender this January.  

Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Attack Simulation Training in DoD  

Rolling Out 

The attack simulation and training (AST) feature in Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is an intelligent tool designed to reduce risks. It enables customers to simulate real-life attack scenarios within their organization, identify vulnerable users, and promote behavioral changes through an integrated security awareness training program. This feature will soon be accessible in the Department of Defense (DoD) environment. 



Microsoft Defender for Identity: Public API for Defender for Identity settings through MS Graph 

Rolling Out

Microsoft Defender for Identity introduces a powerful and versatile public API that allows developers to easily access and manage its settings. By leveraging the Microsoft Graph platform, this API provides a seamless integration into existing applications and systems. With this enhanced capability, users can now retrieve and manipulate data related to Microsoft Defender for Identity settings programmatically. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for organizations to customize and automate their security workflows, ensuring a more efficient and effective defense against identity-related threats. Whether it’s retrieving user information, configuring authentication policies, or monitoring suspicious activities, the Microsoft Defender for Identity API empowers developers to take full control over their security infrastructure. 


Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Last used date inside Tenant Allow Block List   

Rolling Out

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 now includes an exciting new feature that provides valuable insights to administrators: the ability to view the last used date for entries in the tenant allow block list. This feature encompasses domains, addresses, URLs, and file entries, making it easier for admins to identify entries that are no longer necessary. By displaying the last used date, administrators gain a clear understanding of when an entry was last utilized, whether it was during mailflow or at the time of a click. Armed with this information, admins can confidently remove outdated entries, streamlining their security configurations and ensuring optimal efficiency. This enhancement empowers administrators to maintain a robust and up-to-date allow block list, bolstering their organization’s defense against potential threats. 

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