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With our fees based on a percentage of your cost reduction, it means you will always be saving cost. Thousands of organisations are already using our world leading AI powered solutions, to assure application performance with smarter resource management.

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Challenges of managing AWS compute and storage costs

Moving to the AWS cloud, or at least operating a hybrid model, is now commonplace. While a key benefit of public cloud is cutting costs, it’s vital that you keep cloud cost optimization at the forefront of your strategy.

This requires consistent monitoring and governance to maintain and why FITTS provides 24/7 cloud optimisation to proactively manage AWS cost. With real-time granular management of resources, using industry leading AI powered solutions to reduce costs, free up DevOps resources and maximize efficiency.

Save up to 25%,
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How does it work


  • Contact our team on about optimising your AWS infrastructure.
  • Our team will schedule a 30-minute session with you.


  • We will show you in detail how much you can save and why, plus how much you would have saved over the last 12 months with FITTS utilising industry leading AI powered solutions.


  • If you like what you see and want to start saving immediately; our team will configure the optimum solution in less than 24 hours to reduce your spend.


  • Your savings will reflect in your next monthly AWS bill and will continue while you are partnered with FITTS.
  • We offer increased savings for a 12-month commitment.

How much does it cost

You will not pay anything for our support and services. This is a guaranteed saving.

Our team will support your optimisation solution 24/7.

You can start with no commitments, and when you are ready to increase your savings, we offer a 12 month plan.

FITTS charge only 25% of directly related cost savings created by FITTS – so you only pay when you save.


Best cost performance

We vastly outperform the standard AWS cost optimisation tools and with our collective management of AI solutions, it also enables FITTS to provide more competitive cost savings than sole users.

Combining AWS knowledge with leading AI technology

FITTS AWS optimisation is powered by our certified AWS services professionals and selected partner solutions.

Savings on auto-pilot.

We identify and apply the optimum solution to autonomously scale the right amount of resource per your needs. We help remove managing commitments and put your cloud savings on auto-pilot.

Automatically adapt cloud infrastructure to business needs

We scale cloud resources to match your real-time business demand so you slash cloud costs and maintain perfect performance, while reducing the effort of managing infrastructure.