Office 365 Change Readiness Workshop

Every change in your business has an impact. A new tool, process, or requirement affects your employees. To make your change meaningful (and successful), employee adoption is crucial. We believe people drive change, not organisations. That’s why we make sure your people are firmly at the centre of your business change strategy. With our people-first adoption change management solution (ACM), you can ensure your business change investment is truly realised.

About the workshop

  1. Identify the key areas in which change needs to take place
  2. Understand how to apply change and when
  3. Assess the impact of changes to your business
  4. Define the change actions required to mitigate impact

The purpose of the workshop is to discover the ways of working by people across your organisation and how the changes being introduced can be mitigated to impact people and the business. This free, 2 hour, remotely delivered session aims to:

  • Understand the Office 365 applications being rolled-out and how they can help improve employees work by way of collaboration and communication.
  • Successfully transition people from the applications they are using now, to Microsoft Office products in order to encourage an aligned workplace.
  • Explore the business scenarios potentially impacted by the new functionality.
  • Identify specific impacts to the business including (but not limited to) people, process, organisation, policy/rules, technology, data and third parties.
  • Suggest mitigation actions to minimise disruption to impacted audiences and aid change acceptance to ensure the transition and adoption of technology is straightforward.

An adequate representation of your business workforce is needed to successfully identify and analyse the change impacts. Attendees should represent key core functions of the business and functions that will potentially be highly impacted by the solutions being delivered such as Hr, IT, Finance, Marketing to name a few.

Attendees will receive a report outlining the changes being implemented and the Change Impact articulated by the participants, based on changes between current and future ways of working. The report will also outline:
  • The suggested Change Actions articulated by participants – recorded for each impact
  • A list of Change Actions that could be transferred and communicated to your communications team to inform the communications plan or incorporated into a project plan with actions
  • Recommended change artefacts including guidance materials, FAQs etc to ensure maximum adoption and employee satisfaction.

Request your free Office 365 Change Readiness Workshop today and start realising your technology investment.

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Request your free Office 365 Change Readiness Workshop today and start realising your technology investment.

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