Do More with Less Workshop

Empower your enterprise to do more with less

About the workshop

Today’s leaders are looking not just to create impact faster, but to prioritize the investments that will drive the most important and meaningful business outcomes for their organizations. They are optimizing and streamlining so they can succeed where it matters most. At the same time, pressures from the evolving global economy are requiring organizations to reduce costs and optimize operations as they continue to shift to a world of hybrid work.

This workshop helps you navigate market uncertainty, save on infrastructure & energy costs, improve operational efficiency and future-proof your business when you migrate to Azure.

Businesses can achieve an average 391% 3-year ROI when migrating to Azure.

This workshop is broken into three key areas that help minimize operation costs and complexities within your business.

Enabling a zero-trust foundation within Microsoft 365 provides an approach to:

  • Secure and manage identities.
  • Defend against threats on multi-platforms.
  • Protect sensitive information across data estate.

Develop a simplified endpoint management adoption framework that allows IT admins to:

  • Deliver the best experience with Windows 11
  • Deploy any endpoint from the cloud.
  • And improve support and reduce incidents

Drive Productivity and Collaboration by:

  • Getting people connected and working together through Microsoft Teams.
  • Enabling new patterns of work, that allow users to co-author and co-edit content across their applications.
  • Engaging and empowering employees, creating new ways to connect and learn.

Migrate – Manage escalating energy costs while reducing your energy usage and carbon emission

Optimize – Save up to 34% in year 1 by adopting Microsoft cost management to monitor & reduce spend

Reinvest – Minimize downtime and data loss by securing your hybrid and multi-cloud, focusing on back up and recovery

This workshop is funded by Microsoft and delivered by FITTS


This workshop is funded by Microsoft and delivered by FITTS

Request your Do more with less workshop today!

Request your Do more with less workshop today!