Asset Management

This service provides ongoing management and tracking of an organisation’s technology assets. It includes asset inventory management, lifecycle planning, and procurement.

About this service

  • Asset optimisation: Optimise the organisation’s technology assets to ensure that they are performing efficiently and effectively.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance: Provide ongoing support and maintenance of the organisation’s technology assets to ensure that they are always up-to-date and secure.
  • User management: Ensure that user access to technology assets is managed securely and according to best practices.
  • Compliance management: Ensure that the organisation’s technology assets are in compliance with industry standards and regulations.
  • Cost management: Optimise the organisation’s technology asset usage to minimise costs.

Benefits of outsourcing:

  • Asset tracking: By outsourcing Asset Management, the organisation can ensure that all assets are tracked and accounted for, which can help prevent loss and improve cost efficiency.
  • Reduced costs: Outsourcing Asset Management can be more cost-effective than hiring a full-time asset manager.
  • Access to expertise: By outsourcing Asset Management, the organisation gains access to expertise in managing assets.

Risk management benefits:

  • Improved asset security: By tracking and managing assets, the organisation can improve asset security and reduce the risk of theft or loss.
  • Compliance: Asset Management can help the organisation meet regulatory and compliance requirements related to asset management and security.
  • Increased operational efficiency: Optimising asset management can help the organisation improve operational efficiency by reducing the time and effort required to manage assets.
  • Asset tracking and management
  • Asset inventory management
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Asset cost management
  • Asset compliance management

Reporting Activities:

  • Asset tracking and management report
  • Asset inventory management report
  • Asset lifecycle management report
  • Asset cost management report
  • Asset compliance report
  • Procurement and installation of assets
  • Asset disposal and recycling

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