Backend Apps

We build robust and scalable backend systems to support your applications.

About this service

  • Develop robust and scalable backend systems for web and mobile applications using .NET technologies like ASP.NET Core and Azure App Service
  • Design secure and reliable APIs adhering to REST or GraphQL principles, leveraging Azure API Management for enhanced control and governance
  • Implement data storage and management solutions using Azure SQL Database, a fully managed relational database service, ensuring high performance and reliability
  • Integrate seamlessly with Azure cloud services, such as Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL data storage, Azure Functions for serverless processing, and Azure Kubernetes Service for container orchestration
  • Employ DevOps practices for continuous integration, deployment, and monitoring using Azure DevOps, enabling streamlined development and deployment cycles
  • Enhance application performance and scalability to handle increasing user traffic through Azure’s elastic infrastructure and autoscaling capabilities
  • Ensure data security and integrity through robust authentication and authorization mechanisms provided by Azure Active Directory and Azure Key Vault
  • Enable seamless data exchange and integration between different applications using Azure services like Azure Data Factory and Azure Event Grid
  • Reduce infrastructure management overhead and costs by leveraging Azure’s managed services and pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • Streamline development and deployment cycles for faster time to market with Azure DevOps’ integrated tools and pipelines
  • Requirement gathering and analysis
  • API design and development using REST or GraphQL principles, utilizing Azure API Management
  • Database design and implementation using Azure SQL Database
  • Cloud infrastructure setup and configuration using Azure services like Azure App Service, Azure Virtual Machines, and Azure Virtual Networks
  • Integration with external services and APIs using Azure services like Azure Logic Apps and Azure Functions
  • Deployment and configuration management using Azure DevOps pipelines and tools
  • Monitoring and performance optimization using Azure Monitor and Application Insights
  • Post-launch maintenance and support as per contract
  • Legacy system integration
  • Device-specific integrations or hardware drivers
  • Ongoing application maintenance and support beyond the contract period

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