Your journey to Microsoft Teams

7 steps towards your new way of working

In recent years, we have seen a proliferation of new business technologies, which offer greater power and speed than ever before. However, upgrading tools in order to access new technological features will only have a minimal impact on how your business works. The true value of new technology is found when it is used to facilitate a new way of working which is more productive, efficient, and enjoyable. This eBook describes seven key steps on the journey to a new way of working with Microsoft Teams, the leader in this market.

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In this eBook you will find:

  • An overview of Microsoft Teams features and functionality
  • How Teams embraces a new way of working, not a new technology
  • 7 steps to support you on your journey to onboarding Microsoft Teams
  • A case study of how Teams helped one global business work in new ways
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About the author

Thomas McDowall

Thomas McDowall

Country Manager

Tom has 8 years of experience working with global teams to deliver strategic digital transformations – helping clients improve collaboration, ways of working, business processes, operations and mobility.
In 2018, Tom opened the East Africa office for FITTS in Nairobi. He is passionate about the impact modern workplace technology is going to have on the way Sub-saharan Africa competes in the global marketplace and the role FITTS can play in supporting that journey.
During the past 8 years of digital transformation, Tom has worked in London, Saudi Arabia and Nairobi for clients such as Barclays Bank, UK Department of Work And Pensions, Unilever, Saudi Telecom Company, MS Amlin Insurance and a nuclear energy generator. However, regardless of the geography or the industry the ultimate objective has been the same – drive change that re-imagines the way people work every day.

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