How to migrate your workloads to Azure

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Cloud value is an essential requirement for digital transformation and migrating enterprise workloads to the cloud is just the first step. Successful cloud migrations can improve the efficiency and resilience of your organisations IT systems and enable the business to do new things—and to do them faster.

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Join James Haworth, Tom Button and Mark Deakin as they explain why a migration that balances quality and speed requires a plan that is aligned to the business strategy, and that plan must prioritise based on long-term value.

Watch this on-demand webinar to understand:

  • How to define your strategy and roadmap to the cloud
  • How to move your legacy apps and data to Azure
  • The different deployment routes when moving to Azure
  • How to manage your infrastructure securely and compliantly in Azure
  • How to unlock the potential value from benefits from Azure
  • Your questions answered with live Q&A


This event is delivered in partnership with Microsoft and Inty.

About the Speakers

Tom ButtonTom Button
Senior Cloud Pre-Sales Engineer, intY.

I joined intY in 2018 – I am a Senior member of the Azure Practice and I currently lead a team of Cloud Pre-Sales Engineers. I am a certified Azure Virtual Desktop Specialist and other key areas of focus are Azure IaaS, PaaS, Modernisation & Migration. I provide our MSPs with guidance on how to build and design scalable Azure solutions through deep-dive sessions and solution design and development, all to ensure they have the best fit solution for their customers.


Mark Deakin
Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft

Mark has worked at Microsoft for over 15 years during which time he has had a number of roles within the business. After working in support, he spent time in consulting, partner, marketing and returned more recently returned to the partner team. He is also ‘Head of Quality Assurance’ aka ‘Cake Eater’ for his wife’s small cake decorating business.

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