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Unstoppable Growth

Financial services organisations are at a transformational tipping point. Customers are increasingly expecting their finance providers to understand their needs and preferences meaning firms must now take on the role of technology providers in order to compete with the likes of digital-native start-ups. As a result, financial services organisations must rapidly embrace digital transformation in order to remain competitive, increase revenue, optimise investments and position their business for long-term growth.

Your people should be at the heart of change. Transformations only succeed with buy-in from your people. We work to understand your business and everyone that makes it up - to find the right path.

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Ways we can support you:

Automate Business Process

Increase operational efficiency through Power Automate, Approvals, list, Virtual Visits and more.

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Drive Value & Cost Efficiency 

Learn how to empower people to be more productive and secure as they adapt to new ways of working with Microsoft 365.

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Enable Hybrid Working

Work continues to evolve, and business leaders are looking for a new operating model, defined by flexibility.

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Increase Security & Compliance 

Protecting information—wherever it goes—is critical to ensuring trust and meeting compliance requirements.

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Manage Business Change & Adoption

Every change in your business has an impact.  To make your change meaningful employee adoption is crucial.

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Modernise IT Infrastructure

Harness the cloud’s power to maximise your performance

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Modernise Your Communications

Now more than ever, businesses need a modern voice solution and phone system capabilities that combines unified communication and teamwork.

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Mitigate Compliance & Privacy Risks

Detect, investigate and act on malicious and inadvertent activities in your organisation is critical to ensuring trust, creating a safe workplace, and protecting company assets.

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Secure Your Cloud

Get a customized threat & vulnerability analysis of your hybrid and multi-cloud environment and learn how to build a more robust cloud security system. 

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Case Study - Investec Wealth & Investments

Understanding the technology priorities for user experience

FITTS partnered with Investec Wealth Investments [IWI] to support them with business change and adoption alongside their rollout of Windows 10 and Microsoft Teams. IWI wanted future tool sets to be driven by what the business needed, rather than a top-down approach from IT.

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Investec W&I
I & M Bank case study
Case study - I&M Bank

The fastest adoption of Microsoft 365 E5 in East Africa

Digital transformation in an enterprise organisation is an undeniably challenging path to navigate. Large financial investments coupled with an unforgiving deployment environment means those in charge of steering these programmes are often faced with an almost impossible task.

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5 East African Banking Trends in 2022

5 East African Banking Trends

It’s been a turbulent time for the Banking sector in recent times with shocks to economies worldwide.
In order to remain relevant, banks are being forced to rethink how they operate their businesses. Bankers who have been relying on traditional methods are under pressure to transform their business and operating models by adopting innovative digital ways. A recent report by Deloitte highlights the most pressing trends facing the Banking sector in 2022.

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5 cybersecurity threats facing banks in 2022

Banks have long been one of the prime targets of cyber criminals. However, in the last couple of years the sheer scale of this targeting has seen a major…

How to improve interdepartmental communication at banks

Imagine someone in your onboarding team wants to run a question about a new customer by your compliance department. She sends an e-mail to the compliance…

How Microsoft’s AI tools are helping financial services tackle fraud

Imagine a bank customer who lives in the UK. This morning, she’s made handful of purchases in her neighbourhood - a coffee at her favourite cafe, some…

What is Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services… and do you need it?

In October 2021, tech giant Microsoft released a new product: Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services. Bundling together a suite of tools with features targeted…

the cloud era of Financial services

The Cloud Era of Financial Services

How are leading financial institutions shaping the future of the industry? With cloud.

Mining intelligent Insights with ML in Financial services

Mining intelligent insights with machine learning in Financial Services

With the abundance of data collected by companies, as well as the labor-intensive, manual, and—in some cases—paper-based processes still used by many financial…

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What are the current Cybersecurity threats in East Africa Finance sector?

We sat down with Tom, one of our experts, to talk about the rise of cybercrime in East Africa finance sector and What his main concern is.

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