This month, we at FITTS celebrated another birthday together as a FITTS family and I find this a good reason and time to look back over what we have achieved and think forward to what we can still achieve together.

Since the business launched, we have worked with customers, partners and friends globally to envision, innovate, transform and deliver technology platforms that are fit for the digital modern world. From start-ups at the very beginning of their technology journey to global enterprises with 100+ years of amazing history, we have worked with our customers to deliver some truly amazing transformations. Every single one of these engagements has been different, and we’ve enjoyed learning about what and how these businesses operate so that we can get under the covers and enable them to achieve their full potential with innovative technology platforms. In all this time, one thing sticks out for me which is exactly why I was so passionate to start FITTS along with my co-founders several years back – PEOPLE.

The reason every business is different, and that one size doesn’t fit all, is because businesses are made up of people, and every one of us (although human) is unique. It is very clear to see that it is the people that drive the success of a business. From the creation of the business strategy and ideas, through to the end delivery to customers, people are at the heart of what enables a business to thrive. And what is even more clear to us – but also qualified in real world evidence – is that all businesses stand to benefit when they embrace and value the diversity of thoughts, ideas and ways of working that people from different backgrounds, experiences and identities bring.

The ability for everyone in a business to contribute to their full potential enables people to work together more effectively and allows a business to benefit from their combined experience, knowledge and thinking styles. This is at the very core of what we believe and practice at FITTS. Through this practice, one of the most powerful experiences I have been involved in was during a training course with a customer when we introduced Immersive Reader within Microsoft Teams to them. Seeing a person light up when they are enabled with the technology and tools that support THEM personally in what they do within their work environment, drives me and the FITTS team on to ensure we deliver solutions that are inclusive to all.

We’ve achieved a huge amount, and I couldn’t be prouder of the FITTS Family and the projects and solutions we’ve delivered together with our customers and partners. But there is a lot more to do, and a lot more to achieve. The world is constantly changing, but the very core remains the same in what we do. If we can continue to enable, empower and inspire people in their own space to use technology for good, the possibilities really are limitless. The power of many working together and celebrating and embracing our diversity, talents and experiences will change the world and bring us all closer together.

If you want to schedule a free session with our team to talk about how we put people first in delivering technology strategy, please get in touch. We’d love to support you in building an inclusive and diverse digital workplace that enables ALL your team to achieve their best.